Rockfon ceiling panels have successfully been utilised in the South Australian State Aquatic Centre. The centre will be the venue for international swimming events and will be the principal competition and training venue for swimming, diving and water polo in South Australia.

The Rockfon ceiling panels were specifically chosen for its ability to withstand the harsh environment within the aquatic centre whilst also providing outstanding sound absorbance characteristics and quality of finish.

The Rockfon ceiling panel is made of reinforced fiberised volcanic rock that makes it highly resistant to both fire and moisture. This unique inorganic material is perfectly suited to the humidity levels combined with temperature extremes and heavily chlorine laden air found within the aquatic centre.

The real strength of the Rockfon ceiling panel however is its ability to meet the acoustic challenges represented in this harsh environment. The design of the aquatic centre incorporates vast expanses of hard surfaces that reverberate sound to the extent that it can actually amplify that sound resulting in an uncomfortable and potentially harmful environment for participants and spectators alike.

The Rockfon ceiling panels where mounted within an aluminium support frame based on a module size of 2400 x1200. The performance of each panel ensures that the surface of each panel will absorb 95% of sound that strikes the underside of the panel’s surface.

AIS proudly supplies Rockfon ceiling systems to some of the most significant interior design projects in Australia.