Insulation Products

ROCKWOOL® GR 903 (Cryogenic Loose Fill)

ROCKWOOL® GR 903 Loose Fill is a stonewool granulate with no additives making it suitable for cold and cryogenic applications. It is the loose fill insulation of choice for use in the insulation of cold boxes and air separation plants.

ROCKWOOL® Loose Fill

ROCKWOOL® Loose Fill 000 is a lightly bonded Stonewool, packed slightly compressed and is particularly suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of voids, cavities and irregular shaped constructions. Voids should be packed without leaving air-spaces between the hot surface and the insulation.

Roxul RockTech SPI 120

RockTech SPI 120 pipe insulation is particularly suitable for both hot and cold piping to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide personnel protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise emission.

Temati Tembutil-IF™

Tembutil-IF™ is a self-adhesive, heavy-duty butyl rubber protective tape and vapor barrier. In cryogenic applications it is used as the primary vapor barrier.

Temati Vaporstop™

Vaporstop™ is a multi-layer construction of aluminum and polyester foil providing excellent vapour barrier properties. A matching adhesive tape is available. In cryogenic applications it is used as the secondary vapour barrier.