Custom Supply

AIS can fabricate custom insulation that includes pipe sections, shapes and profiles from a range of insulation materials that includes stone wool ROCKWOOL® , expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, phenolic foam and cellular glass. We can custom supply in small or large quantities.

Pipe sections

Pipe sections are configured to suit the application and to optimise fabrication cost efficiencies.

For the engineer, this ensure pipe section layers are fabricated to specified tolerances. For the installer, this means we can supply the lags you need, when you need them.

Smaller diameter stone wool pipe sections are typically supplied in a pre-split single piece. Rigid foam sections are typically suppled in two halves with a butt or shiplapped joint as nominated.

For larger diameters stone wool and foam pipe sections are split into rounds. Where required, rounds are configured to meet the engineering requirements and to optimise fabrication cost efficiencies. For more complex engineering designs, double and triple layer pipe sections can be fabricated, using single or composite materials.

Elbows and tees

In addition to pipe sections we also fabricate bends (or elbows) and equal and reducing tees.

Radius bend elements can be supplied in a pre-assembled and glued lobster back configuration.

Custom shapes

A range of other shaped components can also be fabricated, such as pipe support shoes, segmented tank domes and the like.

We can also supply insulation material cut to order in sheet, slab and other configurations.

Refractory calciner formwork

We also fabricate one-off refractory calciner formwork. Since these are sacrificial components, they are typically fabricated from expanded polystyrene because this gives the optimum combination of material performance and material cost.


In our foiling booth we can custom apply standard and higher performance foil, and black non-woven fibreglass tissues – in small or large quantities – to a range of insulation materials.