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Banding & Seals

We stock SS316 grade 0.55mm thick banding in approx 11 kg coils.

Mm width


Matching Seals


18 m per kg

1000 per box


11 m per kg

1000 per box


Breather Springs

We stock SS316 grade 100mm springs.

Inspection certificates available upon request.

Butyl Rubber

We stock:

1.2mm thick product specified for LNG contraction joints.

Inspection certificates available upon request.

Butyl Rubber Primary Vapour Barrier

We stock Tembutil-IF™ often nominated in specifications.Inspection certificates available upon request.

Fibreglass Woven Tape

Also called Ladder tape. Available in various widths and thicknesses. We stock 30m x 50mm x 3mm tape.

Filament Tape

This tape has extremely high tensile strength and is used to hold pipe insulation lags in place during installation.

We stock 13mm, 19mm and 25mm width tapes.

Foster Mastics, Sealants & Vapour Barriers

We stock a comprehensive range of Foster products. The range incudes:

For general industry

Foster 30-36 Sealfas (white)

Foster 30-45 Foamseal (grey) (sealant)

Foster 30-90 Vaporsafe Mastic (white) (vapour barrier)

Foster 252WB (polystyrene sealant)

For cryogenic application

Foster 42-24 Mast-A-Fab cloth

Foster 30-38/39 Monolar Mastic (vapour barrier)

Foster 81-84 Kit Adhesive sealant

Foster 82-77 Kit Cryogenic adhesive

Foster 85-75 Drion contact adhesive (adheres butyl rubber)

Foster 90-61 Cryolar (one part vapour stop)

Foster 90-66 Kit (black) (Vapour stop)

Foster 95-44 tubes (caulking)

Foster 95-50 Flextra (sealant)

Inspection certificates available upon request. TO ALL FOSTER PRODUCTS

Mass Loaded Vinyl

We stock 4kg/m2, 6 kg/m2, 8 kg/m2 and 10 kg/m2 grades.

Inspection certificates available upon request.

Pittsburg Corning Foamglas Accessories

We stock:

Hydrocal B-11 adhesive

Foamglas RTV HT450 tubes

PC 88

Foster C.I. Wrap 50

Reinforced Foil Tape

We stock Venture brand tape in 48mm, 72mm and 96mm widths.