AIS is a leading Australian supplier of non-combustible stone wool insulation products and technical services. Since 1995 our strong partnership with ROCKWOOL® Group has enabled us to bring high quality thermal and acoustic stone wool insulation materials to the Australian market. Our company philosophy is to provide the highest performing quality products in the most cost effective way to the Australian market. Over time we have firmly established relationships with many other global suppliers of insulation materials and associated materials. Our company philosophy is to provide the most appropriate highest quality insulation products in the most cost effective way.

Expert Knowledge

The AIS team has over 100 years of collective technical experience and a thorough knowledge of insulation in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our expertise comes from working with leading global manufacturers and their technical departments. This ensures you have competent design solutions for insulation products and systems for you project.

Services for Industrial and Building Insulation

We can provide and efficiently deliver a broad range of materials and technical services for many of your industrial, commercial or home building applications.

Our technical services are generally provided free of cost to our clients and insulation users. Major project work may involve a charge to cover some costs incurred.

Quality Assurance

All of our supplier's materials are of the highest quality and meet all appropriate manufacturing standards, including ISO9000 and AS/NZ 4859.1.

Professional, Reliable Customer Service

The people at AIS recognises and understand that our whole future as a supplier to industry relies on people coming back to us as a result of a positive previous experience. Our aim is to provide unbeatable cusomer service; right product, right place, right time and right price. Sometimes the solution to a problem does not involve just one of our products. We the the knowledge and experience to bundle a wide range of products both off the self and custom cut to meet your particular and specific needs. Our company motto is " It doesnt matter how many satisfied customers we have if you're not one of them".