Acoustic, Fire, Thermal & Moisture (AFTM™)

Australasian Insulation Supplies Pty Ltd (AIS) has over 20 years of experience in supplying technical insulation from leading brand international manufacturers that achieve AFTM™ performances.

Insulation is used in many applications and for many reasons. Better outcomes are achieved when insulation performance properties are matched to a specific system design requirement. This is why we stock a wide range of insulation materials and why we have established worldwide access to other less commonly known insulation materials.

We stock:

-          Fibrous   stonewool [ROCKWOOL]

-          Foam      thermoplastic - EPS, XPS,

                          thermosetting - PIR, PUR, phenolic

-          Other     cellular glass, elastomeric



Australasian Insulation Supplies (AIS) has over 22 years of experience and relationships in supplying technical insulation. We have been the Australian Distributor for ROCKWOOL® during this time and have supplied many industrial projects throughout Australia. We offer the correct type and form of insulation for any industrial application.

We understand that better outcomes are achieved when insulation performance properties are matched to system design requirements.  This is why we stock fibrous (stone wool), foam (thermoplastic: EPS, XPS and thermosetting: PIR, PUR, Phenolic) and other (foam glass, elastomeric) insulation materials – and have worldwide access to other less commonly used insulation materials.


In order to service the insulation needs of the Marine industry, AIS is able to draw on in-depth expertise of ROCKWOOL®  SeaRox to ensure that end users in the shipbuilding, offshore and the process industries are given the best and most advanced insulation products.

Commercial & Residential

AFTM™ Building Assemblies and Components

AIS is the Australian distributor for ROCKWOOL® stone wool and ROCKFON® acoustic products.

AFTM™ Building Assemblies have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and for demanding Australian conditions.

Technical Resources

With a thorough knowledge of insulation in all aspects of Industrial, Marine, Commercial and Residential applications gained from working directly with leading global manufacturers and their technical departments, AIS is well placed to assist with competent design solutions to help you achieve your required Acoustic, Thermal, Fire and Moisture performance outcomes.